Symbolic wedding

A symbolic wedding is very intimate and personalized, so it becomes an unforgettable and extraordinary event. The ceremony and its scenario are based on your own vision. It can be more or less formal. The most important part of the ceremony are your vows which comprise of your personal promises and words coming straight from the heart.

You will like this ceremony if a civil wedding doesn’t fully reflect your idea of what this unique moment should look like, for example due to its bureaucratic character. Or if a religious ceremony is impossible for some reason.

A symbolic wedding doesn’t produce any legal effects. Such ceremony is entirely for you and your loved ones. It enables you to enjoy this unique moment and experience it the way you want.

Nothing precludes divorcées or same-sex couples from getting married. A symbolic ceremony can also complement a civil or concordat wedding or be organized when you want to renew your vows or celebrate your wedding anniversary.

If you choose a symbolic wedding, you will experience an extraordinary marriage ceremony. You will fulfil your dreams, regardless of whether you want to marry in the air, underwater or simply in a garden. If you feel that a traditional wedding ceremony is not your thing but you haven’t yet come up with an idea of what your ceremony should look like, it will be our pleasure to inspire you.

A symbolic wedding can be universal, humanist or stylized.

Photos by Olga Krakowska
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